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Since 2003, 10DAYCURE is the most rapid way to lean health!

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"Weight Loss" can be blamed for actually destroying quality of life, because in the West weight loss is always muscle loss. No one can become or remain lean using any of the popular diets.
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Most published today on weight loss still revolves around the themes of diet and exercise, but these methods simply do not work. This is breakthrough. The e- book "Lean Genes" will explain why.
Fitness trainers and actors like Heidi Klum and Ryan Reynolds believe you need daily hours in the gym to become lean but this makes it far more difficult and less likely it can be maintained. Re-awakening "Lean Genes" means using much less activity to become even super lean.
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Lean Gene Diet
Homo erectus
"Lean Genes" is a newHomo Erectus theory that explains why body fat evolved and how it can be easily depleted. No modern diet is similar to the "Lean Gene Diet" because calories are unrestricted and yet excess body fat drains off rapidly returning vibrant health in the process.  (click images)
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The theory of "Lean Genes" required years of multi-disciplinary study. The author also visited groups worldwide with little or no health care and yet better health than we in the West! Women in  these  groups actually remain lean after bearing children and avoid most diseases so common in the West.  The thesis describing this has 600+ references.  more
The e-book discusses the virtually unknown medical term DALY: "disability-adjusted-life-years." Westerners may live longer than those in other countries, but here more adults are "disabled" after 45, needing drugs and surgery to stay alive! 
Buy the bookAuthor Background
      For decades doctors urged pregnant women to 
 gain 30 pounds. Obstetricians said make children 
 eat even if they are not hungry. Your cholesterol
 is supposedly dangerous if elevated, yet the ones 
 with lower cholesterol die younger. It is time you
 learned the truth about modern diet advice. In the
 book "Lean Genes" much of this is exposed. It is
 even responsible for making many sick. Why is 
 it people in certain areas of the world use diets
 doctors insist are bad for us, and yet have less
 disease? Plus, they have little or no health care.
 Read the e-book "Lean Genes" and get lean and
  healthy for life, on your own.

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Mark Davis developed diet and health food products with large corporations. After gaining 50 pounds and plagued with many illnesses, he left the branded food industry to pursue understanding the most successful natural diets around the world. His graduate studies in a field called "Medical Anthropology," allowed him to intensively correlate 1000's of medical studies with early evolutionary biology. He developed the "10 day cure" with a new theory of "Lean Genes" that will naturally return lean, slim, vibrant health. He worked with 100's of subjects to develop the "10 day cure" which more effectively and rapidly returns, then maintains, a super lean healthy body.


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